Your skin is our specialty. Start your aesthetic journey with us today.

Your skin is our specialty.
Start your aesthetic journey with us today.

Eye Bags & Dark Eye Circles

Those puffy pockets under your eyes, often called eye bags or dark circles, are pretty common, especially after 25. Let’s be honest, they’re annoying! They don’t just make you look older, they can also make you look like you haven’t slept in a week, even if you feel totally rested.

But don’t worry, you’re not stuck with them forever! There are few treatments available that can help improve the appearance of these conditions.

How do eye bags & dark eye circles form?

Eye bags and dark circles, though often mistaken for the same thing, arise from different causes.

Eye Bags

Eye bags result from fat or fluid accumulation beneath the lower eyelids, often due to aging, genetics, or lifestyle factors like allergies or poor sleep.

Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles, on the other hand, stem from increased blood vessel visibility under thin skin or melanin deposits, making them appear darker. So, while both affect your under-eye area, one is plumping (bags) and the other is shadowing (circles), with different sources fueling their formation.

Recommended Treatments


The good news? Cove offers a simple, effective solution for eye bags and dark eye circles. The treatment options will be discussed with you during consultation with our doctor, and a customised treatment plan will be worked out for you. 

Dermal Fillers

Cove’s Dermal Filler can plump up the under-eye area, smoothing away shadows and restoring a youthful to your eyes.

Pico Laser

Cove's Pico Laser, a cutting-edge pigment laser, goes beyond just removal. It redefines skin rejuvenation, erasing scars and pigmentation while brightening and smoothing your texture for a radiant, ageless glow.

Smooth Eye Laser

Cove's revolutionary Smooth Eye Laser harnesses soothing energy to boost collagen, visibly tightening and smoothing your delicate eye area. Wrinkles vanish, leaving behind a youthful sparkle, all with minimal fuss and maximum results.

No two faces are the same, and neither are our treatments.

Customised treatment plans always work best. We tailor each treatment plan to your specific needs, ensuring you get the results you desire.  Our patient’s journey starts before their booking – and continues after their COVE experience.


Book a Consultation

We require new patients to attend a consultation with our Doctor so we can better understand your aesthetic concerns. At Cove, we genuinely care for our patients. Consultations are in-depth, never rushed, and we will never recommend treatments that you do not need. Simply drop us a WhatsApp or a phone call to book an appointment!


Come On Over

It’s time to come into COVE and meet us for your consultation! During this phase, we encourage you to maintain an open mind. While you may have a vision in mind, our doctors may offer different advice based on their assessment of your condition and desired treatment outcomes.


Begin Your Transformation

You’ve consulted our Cove Experts, and the treatment plan has been discussed with you. We’re now ready to make your transformation happen! To ensure no time is wasted, we recommend starting your treatment in the same session as your consultation. You’ll love how each visit to COVE is a boost to your self-confidence! 


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