Why is Fat Freeze in Singapore so popular?

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Did you know that currently more than 500,000 Fat Freeze treatments have been performed worldwide?

A Fat Freeze treatment is a novel selective cooling procedure that controls fat cells to eliminate them. But beware. Fat Freezing does not fight obesity, but treats fat in some localized areas of the body.

The process that is carried out with this treatment is called Cryolipolysis, through which a reduction of fat of up to 50% is achieved in the treated area, in localized body areas such as the abdomen, flanks or back by using cold temperature. This innovative technology involves cooling the fat cells or adipocytes producing their elimination in a natural way. Exposure to the cold causes the fat cells to begin their natural elimination process, which results in a gradual reduction of the fat layer. The fat cells are naturally eliminated through the body’s metabolic process, similar to how they are eliminated by dieting.

So, if you are one of those people who eat a healthy diet and exercise but have trouble eliminating those infamous “rolls/love handles” no matter how hard you try, this treatment might be ideal for you.

Brief History

Scientists Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson, two renowned doctors, realized that children would get dimples when they ate ice cream. This helped them determine Cryolipolysis, a technology based on the cooling of the cells, and after multiple experiments and tests, they came out with this innovative technique.

How it works

-The licensed specialist in charge of the treatment uses a controlled cold pressure to attack and crystallize fat cells in all the different areas the patient needs via an applicator that is suitable for the size of the treatment area(s).

-Opposed to what many would think just by reading the description, the organs, nerves and other tissues of the body are not damaged. Unlike other treatments that work with heat, Fat Freezing does it with cold, which makes it better overall. This cellular transformation occurs gently and gradually and the cells are naturally eliminated over the next few weeks or months by the patient’s immune system. A higher intake of water is highly recommended post-treatment.

-The patient will find the thickness of the fat layers significantly reduced.


Fat Freezing has proven to be efficient in the following aspects:

Price: compared to other surgical fat loss methods, Fat Freezing is much more affordable. The price will vary depending on the number of sessions performed, the amount of fat to be lost and the area where it is located.

Time: We might think that such an efficient procedure will take a long time but no! Depending on the surface to be treated and the size of the applicators used, Fat Freezing does not take longer than 1-2 hours.

Good results: Patients who have undergone this treatment experience the best results. Since fat freezing removes stubborn fat from the body despite rigorous exercise this is the solution that people have been looking for so long. Most people can see full-on results in less than 4 months.

Non-invasive: Compared to other fat removal treatments such as invasive surgeries, side effects are almost minimal. This method does not result in cell damage because it uses the recommended temperature to freeze the fat cells and is gentle on the surrounding cells. Not to mention you can even perform this procedure during your break at work and even after the procedure you can go about your daily activities with complete normality such as working or going to the gym. The best part? You won’t feel any pain!

Better lifestyle: Since the method leads to fat loss, it can motivate you to improve your self-esteem and gain more confidence. This will increase your social, emotional and even inner confidence. A better proportioned figure makes people feel more comfortable to be themselves and to be more confident. So, you’ll be able to wear certain clothes you were not comfortable wearing before and it will make you happier overall.

We could say that the Fat Freezing treatment is determinable by the results that patients obtain from the procedure and also to the evident longevity of the results, which can vary from case to case. The number of sessions is also an important factor that will affect the end results. But there is no doubt that if you are looking for an efficient fat freeze treatment in Singapore you can definitely find it!