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Ageing and wrinkles come hand in hand. As we age, the amount of collagen and elastin slowly depletes, resulting in the loss of volume, moisture and elasticity in certain areas of the face. 

Thanks to modern-day fillers made from hyaluronic acid, fillers smooth out skin by filling wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid also has the ability to retain moisture and helps your skin to achieve that plump, hydrated and youthful glow. It may even enhance facial features such as the nose, lips, and chin.

Our filler injection treatments are FDA approved, licensed and performed by an experienced doctor. Fillers injected will last for several months or longer depending on the type and location of the dermal fillers.

Contrary to popular beliefs, face fillers injections are not only used for reducing wrinkles and smile lines. Cove Aesthetic Clinic Singapore provides medical aesthetic services by using fillers to enhance and define your facial features. Our nose fillers and chin filler treatments will leave you with a well-defined nose and chin without going through surgical procedures.