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Chin Fillers Singapore

The chin is the essential part of your face that plays a vital role in defining your face harmony, balance, and attractiveness. In addition, a well-proportioned chin enhances one’s overall aesthetic appeal since it contributes to the famous “V-shaped” face and produces the optical illusion of a thinner face.

What are Chin Fillers?

Dermal chin fillers Singapore has grown in popularity as an effective way to restore lost volume and definition. Our face loses volume as we age, but with chin fillers, it can give our skin a younger and delicate appearance that provides a definition to our faces. Chin fillers can help to restore lost volume and enhance the shape of our chin, giving it a sharper and fuller shape. A range of injectable dermal filler materials is available to treat chin issues such as a deep dimple or a depressed or weak chin.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are commonly used in Chin Fillers. Hyaluronic acid helps to replenish hydration in the skin, keeping your skin fresh, full, and bouncy.

Who is suitable for Chin Fillers?

There are two reasons to inject chin fillers:

  1. To look younger
  2. To enhance your beauty

Few of us are lucky people born with a fantastic profile, including a well-protruded chin, while others have underdeveloped or recessive chins that require enhancements. However with chin fillers, it is possible to enhance their looks.

The human skull rotates as we age, and our chin moves backward, due to the reduced structural support of soft tissues and bones in our chin area. This change has an impact on our neck and jowls. Dermal chin fillers are able to quickly replenish the lost structural support and improve our appearance.­

How do chin fillers work?

At Cove Aesthetic Clinic, we use the trusted Juvéderm brand for all filler treatments. Before starting the treatment, numbing cream will be applied to the chin area. A series of injections are injected directly into the chin area. The area that is injected will depend on your face shape and what kind of look you are trying to achieve. The overall treatment is quick, and the number of injections depends upon the patient’s specific requirements. Touch-ups are recommended to maintain results.

If you are considering getting chin filler in Singapore, here are some of the benefits of Chin Fillers for your consideration:

  • Non-surgical way to enhance your facial shape
  • Results are almost instantaneous and last for around 12 months
  • Improves the asymmetry of the chin.
  • Helps to attain the desired shape of the chin, whether it is more or less angular, pointy, or too square.
  • Provides structural support to the ageing chin.