How lack of sleep affects our skin

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There is no doubt that poor sleeping habits can have multiple negative side effects, although most people are not even aware of it. Staying up late too often, whether it is for work, doing homework or even partying, will eventually take a toll on you. There is a reason why there is a demand for dark circles treatment in Singapore and why they are rising in popularity! Lack of proper sleep has many consequences. Mentally speaking, it can cause emotions such as bad moods, sadness, irritability, pessimism and increased stress and anxiety. But depriving ourselves of the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a day has more effects on our bodies

Study researches

According to the Institute of Sleep Medicine, after the third day without sleep, hallucinations and temporary insanity can even manifest themselves. Lack of sleep also influences the ability to process glucose, causing an increase in blood sugar levels, which promotes diabetes and weight gain. Likewise, memory is also affected by lack of sleep. A study from the University of California in Los Angeles determined that information retention decreases when faced with this deprivation.

These are just some of the effects of the lack of sleep on our body. But now the question is “How does not sleeping enough hours affect our exterior appearance?” A study conducted by the School of Sleep of the British firm Bensons for Bed revealed the issues that insufficient sleep causes on our face specifically. The participants carried out a test of their skin with a machine that analyzes the elements that influence the general appearance of the skin, such as spots, pores, redness, brown spots and bacteria. 

Once all the data was collected, the participants then spent five days sleeping only six hours a day, before taking the test again. These were the results:

-Expression lines and wrinkles were increased by 45%.

-The number of spots increased by 13%, and their visibility by 7%.

-The accumulation of porphyrins (bacteria on the skin) increased by 16%.

-Redness is pronounced by 8% and dark spots by 11%.

And that was just by sleeping 6 hours. Imagine how much more damaging it is for people who sleep only 4-5 hours!

Dark circles and eye bags

And this is without mentioning the obvious effect it has on our eyes, causing dark circles and eye bags.

Dark circles under the eyes are a blue, gray or purple coloration that appears under the lower eyelids. Its location has a very simple explanation: that area is thinner than the rest of the skin of the face, so the veins are more visible. Fatigue is the main cause in most of the cases. But it is also influenced by other factors like stress, anxiety, a bad diet or an underlying disease.

On the other hand, the formation of bags under the lower eyelid is an increasingly common aesthetic problem, which can also be a combination of multiple causes: Fluid retention, poor diet and poor sleep or lack of rest, in addition to a genetic predisposition. Unlike dark circles under the eyes, which are characterized by the darkening of the area around the eye, bags under the eyes are a swelling of the lower part of the eyes.

They can be prevented and even treated depending on their severity. There are several home remedies for small eye bags but if it is becoming a real issue, you could opt for a more efficient treatment. Eye bag treatment in Singapore Aesthetic clinics offer a variety of non-invasive methods that will do the job without going under the knife and show actual results.

One of the most popular treatments are laser treatments. People tend to choose these kinds of treatments because of how safe and quick the procedures are, and because the downtime is minimum. Not to mention you barely feel a thing. Getting rid of dark circles and eye bags can be a life changer for many who have struggled with them for years, giving them a fresh and rejuvenated look!

Tips for self-care at home

Therefore, do remember to rest as much as possible unless you have no other choice. As a plus for you, we have a list of other beauty tips you can do easily at home to sleep better and improve your overall appearance.

• Before going to bed wash your face with mild soap, and apply a repairing serum with vitamins and active agents like collagen or hyaluronic acid, followed by a nourishing cream on the rest of your face and neck. Night is when skin cells regenerate, and when the skin is most likely to absorb any treatment.

• Once or twice a week, replace the nourishing cream with a face mask of your choice that you can leave on all night. There are a lot of easy homemade recipes on YouTube and the Internet that only require 2-3 ingredients.

• Spray your pillow with a spray of lavender essential oils. The scent of lavender is soothing and which will help you to relax and have a good rest. There are other scents that also serves the same purpose.

If you are a light sleeper, trying wearing earplugs and an eye mask to sleep. This will help you focus more on relaxing instead of waking up just because a car drove by in the middle of the night, or because a specific light is distracting you.

Hopefully these tips are helpful for you, and remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night!