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About Us

Cove Aesthetic Clinic is a boutique medical laser and spa aesthetic clinic. We offer a diverse and comprehensive range of treatments – specifically for the face, skin, body and hair. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, within Wheelock Place, it is just a few minutes walk from Orchard MRT Station. 

With customisable treatment programs designed by our in-house certified doctors to cater to everyone’s specific aesthetic needs and skin conditions, we offer safe and quality treatments that are carefully curated for all our patients. Our treatments are conducted in a safe, calming, luxurious and tranquil environment, where you can put all your skin issues and worries to rest.

Here at Cove Aesthetic Clinic, we strive to be the top aesthetic clinic in Singapore by ensuring that we deliver an experience that is unparalleled to others. With the safety and comfort of our clients in mind, our company was established to provide medically sound and comprehensive aesthetic care for all our clients in a relaxing and private environment. 

We also take safety and local regulations very seriously. Our clinic offers certified FDA approved machines, which are regularly checked and maintained to ensure efficiency all year round. Korean beauty has taken the world by storm; with all its cutting edge technology and facial spa treatments, we are proud to say that we have incorporated the most updated Korean technology into our treatments to prove a more diverse and comprehensive range of customisable non-invasive therapeutic treatments for all. 

Our Treatments

Here at this laser aesthetic clinic in Singapore, Cove offers a wide range of treatment programs that will help to specifically target your skincare woes – from Clear Skin Program, Skin Renewal Program to Total Rejuvenation Program, you’d definitely find a program that is catered just for you. 

These programs consist of a range of services that include but not limited to, laser and resurfacing therapies, radiofrequency, light and ultrasonic based treatments, botox and filler injections, chemical peels and various facial and body wellness treatments. 

Our treatments are non-invasive and they require little to no downtime at all. You can literally walk in for an afternoon quick spa/treatment and head back out to continue your daily duties without it affecting the rest of your day. Instead, we believe that you’d be much more confident in how you look – going about your day with a spring in your step! 

Step out of our clinic with visibly clearer and brighter skin – our treatments would target your specific skin woes. Additionally, they also do bring about more benefits as well such as an increase in collagen production and smaller pores. For many of us who always seem to be scrutinising our faces in front of the mirror, pointing out all the flaws, you’ll find yourselves loving your skin after a few sessions with us.

Based on the positive feedback and our delighted returning patients who we often refer to as Friends of Cove, we are pleased and proud to be able to bring back the confidence our patients once had in themselves through our treatments and care.

With literally a range of treatments from your head to toe, solve all your worries and problems with us here at Cove Aesthetic Clinic. 

Our Doctors and Staff

With the safety and comfort of our patients in mind, everyone in our team at Cove Aesthetic Clinic are certified and trained. They come with years of experience in the aesthetic industry, and are driven to deliver visible and safe solutions to all our patients. 

Under the hands of our experienced doctors and clinic team, you can lay your worries to rest and unlock your true beauty from inside out through our treatments. Before any of your treatment, a consultation with Doctor is mandatory as we will be able to recommend and advise you on a suitable program after identifying your skin type and problems. This will ensure that all treatments are specifically tailored to your needs to ensure optimal results and outcome. We also believe that by educating our clients on their skin problems they have a better understanding of how they can take better care of their skin and the necessary steps for aftercare. 

Our dedicated team will be monitoring your treatment progress every session – every patient’s progress and how their skin/body/hair reacts to the treatments will be recorded. Rest assured as our team will be with you each step of your journey towards a better looking you!

Our team is headed by our very own Dr Rachel Lim – she has many years of experience in non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures. With that many years of experience under her belt, Dr Rachel Lim is skilled in providing the best-suited treatment to target your aesthetic concerns. 

Rest assured and put your faith in us at Cove Aesthetic Clinic – we believe that under the experienced hands of our team, you will be able to achieve a better looking you. Because here at Cove, we make beauty look easy.